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Granta 112: Pakistan - book review

Granta 112: Pakistan - book review Granta's Pakistan issue is a genuine complete package in how every article is about its subject - not every issue has done this. What we learn is a troubled nation getting to grips with progress, with its Afghan neighbour, with politics, fundamentalism and militarism. The stories move between love, Islam and claustrophobic family life.

Skyline - movie review

Aliens are coming, again As usual the alien invasion happens in American. This one is heavily laden in special effects but where is the story? While offering the cutting edge in special effects there is no particular plot to this invasion, no journey, no reason, no winners or losers, just a battle with a couple turned into aliens, whatever that was about.

Paranormal Activity - movie review

Things that go bump in the night Amateur footage of a young couple grappling with a demon. Paranormal Activity is filmed entirely on Micah's camera with the action taking place mainly a night. The tension revolves firstly around Micah's playful attitude to the presence and secondly around the suggestion that the camera itself may be antagonising the ghoul.

Buddying project

Buddying project

In 2009 I managed a buddying project. This is the project plan.

Sitting Comfortably poster

Are you sitting comfortably?

Poster for health and safety when working at a computer workstation.


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