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Fair game - movie review


Granta 114: Aliens - book review

Aliens is at first deceptive, encouraging us to think it is the first time Granta has delved into the other world of science fiction.  Nothing of the sort. This issue considers the life of people classed as aliens – out of step with the culture they are inside.  A sprawling array of fiction, memoir and reportage don't disappoint.

Wikileaks: Inside Assange's War on Secrecy: book review

 WikiLeaks: The Social Network 2?The Guardian's unique and intimate involvement with Assange at the time his Wikileaks breaks big gives them a big story to tell on Wikileaks.  It becomes a story about Assange rather than than inside look at the disparate and secretive organisation itself.

True Grit - movie review

Justice, revenge and whiskyThe Coen brothers’ Oscar-nominated remake of the 1969 western full of alchohol, grouchy cowboys and a rather precocious daughter.  It is a classic story of revenge with a dash of justice.

Paul: movie review

The Nerds are comingSimon Pegg and Nick Frost take on America and aliens.Having conquered zombies in Shaun of the Dead and criminals in Hot Fuzz its time to go mainstream.  Like when Wallace and Gromet hit Hollywood they hold on to English eccentricities while downplaying the depth of the story.


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