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Tunnel: Creative Writing story

TUNNELPaul placed the Evening Standard on his lap and gazed at the reflection of himself in the trainwindow. He could detect a wry smile of satisfaction around the black rimmed spectacles. Hesurveyed the rolling farmland through the train window that he saw every day, every season,

Outed: Creative Writing Story

His mobile phone buzzed him for the third time in the past hour. He was now visiblyirritated by the rudeness of it while he was having dinner with old friends. He hadpromised his long suffering wife an evening free of work interference. Conversationover the Beef Wellington had wandered cautiously from gossip about affairs amongst

Friend: Creative Writing story

FriendIt was already 8 o’clock in the morning and Daisy had just joined Jack at the table in the kitchen.Daisy yawned loudly as she picked at her cereal teasing out the sultanas. Sarah walked intothe kitchen grimacing. She cherished her night’s sleep but didn’t look pleased with the start ofthis day.

Unknown - movie review

Mis-takenThe comparisons with Taken are hard to avoid here as Liam Neeson heads off again to Europe on his own to save the day. With Paris swapped for Berlin Liam is on a mission to take out the evil foe lurking in the underworld.  This time he is the victim.   But can he keep us guessing to the end?

Fruitbowl: creative writing story



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