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Unknown - movie review

Mis-takenThe comparisons with Taken are hard to avoid here as Liam Neeson heads off again to Europe on his own to save the day. With Paris swapped for Berlin Liam is on a mission to take out the evil foe lurking in the underworld.  This time he is the victim.   But can he keep us guessing to the end?There is nothing new about the plot where Liam is taken out yet survives and wakes up to find his identity stripped from him. Nonetheless we have to guess what has happened and it gives us something to keep us interested. He is stuck in Berlin with a wife who no longer knows him and a man who now claims to be him. As Liam acquires the help of a young lady and storms around Berlin hitting people, driving fast and without money problems the movie has pretensions of being a sub-Bourne Identity thriller.  This is where the movie loses credibility.  Liam is a scientist not a secret agent.  Yet he somehow has these other skills without explanation.Without any ID and post traumatic problems from his car accident he reaches a point where he even questions himself.  The show goes slightly off the rails when the stasi-trained private eye faces up to his past and commits suicide.  At this point not even Liam can save us from the under-whelming who cares ending and car chases.  Where Taken had credibility and absurdity mixed into create entertainment this is simply forgettable.

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