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Super 8: movie review

Train crashSo this is a bunch of kids on a whodunnit with a sci-fi element.  So how come this is so good for adults? Super 8 is relatively easy going to follow with a typically undemanding JJ Abams introduction to the young adults.  This is a child-centric movie with the adults out of touch and secondary to the inquisitive plucky kids.  There is no real rebellious behaviour here - driving without a license yes but no drugs or alcohol.  In that sense the grittiness is for the monsters. With Speilberg and JJ Abrams in charge big reputations are at stake. The next JJ Abrams motif is the gradual introduction to the monsters, classic scenes of bodies being dragged away but we don't know by what. The third JJ Abrams feature is the awesome set piece train crash. At this point the movie actually begins which introduces questions about supernatural hapennings in the town. Even with the scariness of the monsters we cannot see this is a safe movie with an odd old fashioned eighties feel to it. What carries the movie is a girl meets boy friendship which is a little stultifying with little to deliver in moving the story on. The real issues happen away from them with lots of weird activity going on. It's over half an hour before the single dad and the boy have an argument and even then we still don't really know what is going on.  This can be intriguing if it was not all over the place.

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