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Never Let Me Go: movie review

Public school ain't what it used to be Although known as a sci-fi movie this story spends its time in the recent past and its science element is closer than we think.  In that it is a what-if kind of story about medical science and its social impact.  Yet it is only half a story with the social impact limited to the subjects and not the wider world.  We never find out what the world really thinks yet it nags away all the way through the movie. Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley and Andrew Garfield play Kathy, Ruth and Tommy, and make this a youthful story if slightly public schoolish for the wrong reasons. At times it is like watching a Merchant Ivory novel stuck in its own time warp As their grim reality unfolds the film score goes into over drive and the sense of apocalypse always seems to have arrived when it actually doesn't till the end. Sadly the movie on screen fails to deliver the sense of human tragedy, maybe because it does not let the rest of the world's emotions to flood in.  Once the cat is out of the bag - quite early on, the movie relies on a wild goose chase to keep us hooked, and only the folly of their hope holds our emotions. The central love triangle is what hold the three characters together, yet the cold indifferent direction left me disconnected from their anxieties.  Only the strength of their acting seems to keep this thinly told story together to the end.  Lacking in real intimacy we are left as cold and empty as the victims. This is not a sci-fi movie, nor is it a what-if science story, it is a claustrophobic tale of three ordinary teenagers caught in the wrong place.  Delicately told, yet I needed to see more pain.

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