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Friend: Creative Writing story

FriendIt was already 8 o’clock in the morning and Daisy had just joined Jack at the table in the kitchen.Daisy yawned loudly as she picked at her cereal teasing out the sultanas. Sarah walked intothe kitchen grimacing. She cherished her night’s sleep but didn’t look pleased with the start ofthis day.“Don’t play with your breakfast Daisy.” Sarah said as she sat down opposite Daisy and leanedin. “ So what was that all about last night then?”“Don’t know”, mumbled Daisy as she carefully balanced a sultana on her spoon, with her mouthopen ready to catch it. Sarah continued to look directly at Daisy and then sighed and turned toJack, who was trying not to pay attention as he eat his toast and read his emails on his phone.He had learned the hard way that when Sarah and Daisy started jousting with each other heended up being caught in the cross fire and being apportioned part of the blame. If there waswork to be done on the email he would chance it and disappear into the study for an hour.“She was talking in her sleep again last night.” Sarah nudged Jack to stop him from avoidingthe conversation. Jack had deliberately waited for Sarah to raise the matter of last night’sinterruptions.“No I wasn’t! I was awake, thank you!” Daisy stared at her mother with vehemence. Sarahlurched slightly back and Jack’s eyebrows perked up.“Well I was woken up by what sounded like a bad dream. So what was it you said? ‘No. That’snot fair. I’m won’t do that.’ I think that’s what I heard.....” Sarah stared at Daisy waiting for areply but she concentrated on digging out another sultana instead..Jack poured himself an orange juice trying to look nonchalant. They had already been throughthis morning investigation just a few days ago. Jack had tried the softly-softly approach withDaisy after Sarah had given up in frustration, just for Daisy to charm him into turning on thetelevision instead.Daisy leaned over and asked her father “Can I have some orange juice please” Daisy knew howto play the Daddy’s little girl routine and he was happy to collude.“Look, Daisy, we can’t keep doing this. We’ve only been in the house a month. And I am notgetting any sleep.” Sarah was not giving up that easily. “Daisy...” snapped. Sarah.“What?” replied Daisy focusing hard on her orange juice.“Oh yeh.” Jumped in Jack. “ Why was your door closed this morning?”“I don’t know really.” Daisy pondered. Sarah knew that was her general response when she didknow, and wanted to pretend otherwise.“So that was the noise I heard after your bad dream?” Sarah’s eyebrows crinkled up with morequestions in search of an answer. Sarah thought Daisy had gone to the toilet but was now notso sure. Daisy’s door was never shut and Sarah wanted to know why.“I’ve already told you it was not a bad dream. I was just talking to my friend.” Daisy was tryingto look ever so grumpy. She pushed her cup over to her father for more orange juice.“Talking to who?” Jack, now confused, was not going to let Daisy’s slip about her friend gounnoticed.The post fell through the letterbox and Daisy turned round. “Can I go play now?”After a brief pause whilst both parents stared at Daisy and growled silently under their breath,she slowly and rather tentatively eased herself off her seat.“Not so fast young lady” Sarah sternly said with Daisy groaning in response. “Why was yourdoor closed? Who were you talking to? Why were you even awake!” Sarah’s voice was risingbut Jack jumped in and placed his hand on Sarah’s raised arm and drew close to Daisy,speaking in a quiet voice. “Daisy, we just to want to understand and make sure you are okay.So why did you close your door last night?”“I didn’t.” Jack and Sarah didn’t know what to say to this answer and looked at each other.Daisy was looking to the door and wanting to leave.“So how did it close then?”

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