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The F Word Feminism Granta 115 - book review

Titled “The F Word,” Granta’s latest issue grapples with Feminism.

Granta 113 - book review

Granta take their "best of" theme and introduce it to Spanish language writers. In this issue it has chosen 22 writers of represent the new generation.  But what the older generation gave us in magic realism is given over here to latter day matters such as sexual and literary politics.

Granta 114: Aliens - book review

Aliens is at first deceptive, encouraging us to think it is the first time Granta has delved into the other world of science fiction.  Nothing of the sort. This issue considers the life of people classed as aliens – out of step with the culture they are inside.  A sprawling array of fiction, memoir and reportage don't disappoint.

Granta 111: Going Back - book review

Not so much going back as look againGranta's speciality is its surprises hidden in is short stories, memoir, and reportage.  Sometimes they are related to the theme - this time "going back",sometimes not.

Granta 112: Pakistan - book review

Granta 112: Pakistan - book review Granta's Pakistan issue is a genuine complete package in how every article is about its subject - not every issue has done this. What we learn is a troubled nation getting to grips with progress, with its Afghan neighbour, with politics, fundamentalism and militarism. The stories move between love, Islam and claustrophobic family life.

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